Shalom Aleichem and welcome to the official and authentic home on the web for the Torah and light of the holy Gaon and Tzadik, Rabbi Yeshaye Silberstein, zt"l.

The saintly Gaon, Rabbi Yeshaye Silberstein zt"l, the Veitzener Rav, was known as the Holy Masei L'Melech. He was famous both for his profound torah knowledge and scholarly writings, as well as a great Poel Yeshuos (miracle worker). He was known as, "The wonder Rebbe."

Thousands of people from all walks of life flocked to the Hungarian city of Veitzen (Vac) from near and far. Many came to pour out their hearts before the 'Wonder Rebbe'. It was well known that the Holy Masei L'melech's prayers and blessings brought Yeshuos (miracles), reminiscent of Baal Shem Tov stories: healing the sick even when doctors gave up hope, helping the childless, and overturning evil decrees, or any predicament. The Masei L'melech's Tzion (gravesite), as well, was known as a place of Yeshuos (miracles).

Many came to Veitzen (Vac) to study in his very prestigious Yeshiva. Numerous renowned Torah personalities came to Veitzen, as well, to enjoy and gain from his vast Torah knowledge.

His Torah works include his magnum opus, a two volume extensive commentary on the writings of the Rambam (Maimonides), by the name of Masei L'Melech. It was printed before WWII. People keep this Sefer in their homes as a segula (an auspicious source of blessings). (To see copy of front page of this sefer see the sefer page.) He also wrote over one hundred volumes of halachic responsa and Talmudic commentaries most of which was scattered or lost during the Shoah (WWII). His famous sefer, Masei L'Melech, was so accepted and popular in the Jewish world that his name was interchangeable with it, and that is how he became known — the "Holy Masei L'Melech".

This web site is a hub of information about a unique project, dedicated to research, recovering, studying and publishing, by a team of exceptional scholars, to make the Torah of the Masei L'Melech zt"l available, and to perpetuate his legacy.

B"H, the first volume was completed and printed in the United States, and was greatly welcomed around the globe, by scholars and laymen alike.

This endeavour is of the upmost importance for Am Yisrael's leading Poskim and Dayanim (as well as for every individual Jew) because the Masei L'Melech's teachings and insights are critical to strengthening the way practical Halacha is currently applied (see the Halachic leadership page for more information).

We are seeking contributions from generous benefactors from all walks of life and from all over the world to unite and donate to this great and worthy cause. Please support this project generously to ensure that the project and research continues to develop and that the Seforim can be published. For DEDICATION OPPORTUNITY please contact me. Visit contact us page for e-mail & information. To donate see the donate page.

Across this web site, you can read information about the monumental project, and supporting the project and the benefits that are promised to those who are funding it and help make it happen.

The Tzaddik will surely do a favor in return and bless the person that supports and helps fund making his Torah available, As he promised it in his Sefer/book.

May you be blessed with happiness, good health, Simcha, and nachas, and all the blessings of the Torah for supporting and helping the Torah. I hope you share my excitement in this project as we look to reconnect some of the missing links in the Torah chain. Thank you for your interest and support and please remember to return to the site for updates and further developments.

Rabbi David Yehuda Zussman
Veitzener Rav
(Great grandson of the Masei LMelech)