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This website is to provide information about the holy Masei LMelech and to introduce the monumental project of bringing back to life the Living Torah of this giant, and to perpetuate his legacy for generations to come. This is the only authentic or recognised Masei LMelech organisation and this endeavour can only succeed with your kind support and donations.

Over the past two decades, the Masei LMelech project has been set up and run by the Veitzener Rav, HaRav David Yehuda Zussman Great Grandson of the Gaon R' Yeshaye Silberstein the Masei LMelech [1]. He has energetically built a team of the most refined and upstanding Talmidei Chachamim from the Holy Land who have dedicated their time to researching and study various artefacts, manuscripts, Torah journals, Judaic collections, old periodicals, Halachic Responsa and many other publications as they have pieced together some scattered Torah writings of the Masei LMelech, a small fraction of his many Torah manuscripts and some ready-to-print volumes, in total over 100 that have been lost in the Shoah (Holocaust).

The copywriting team are based in London England, while graphic design, layout and web design is based in New York. Most of the Kolel scholars and researchers are in Israel, some are in America. Rav Zussman Shlit"a is very actively involved across all projects internationally between Canada U.S.A and Israel and visits London and Hungary regularly.

With the help of the Almighty, we are happy to announce that the first volume has just come off the press in the USA and is being enthusiastically welcomed by scholars and laymen worldwide and is available in Judaica outlets [2]. Your support and funding is vital to ensure that this important work can continue bringing the Light of his Torah to the world which requires a group of exceptional scholars researching and studying his manuscripts and Torah writings preparing these monumental publications.

1 Rav Zussman Shlita is the maternal grandson of Rabbi David Yehuda Silberstein Zt’l, known as the ‘Yad Dovid’, the second son of the holy Masei LMelech, who succeeded him as Rav of Vietzen at the expressed wish of the Masei LMelech who in his will directed the community of Veitzen to appoint him as rav. The ‘Yad Dovid’ zt’l hy’d has perished in Auschwitz in 1944, together with most members of the Veitzen and Hungarian Jewish community.

For the past two decades Rav Zussman Shlit”a dedicated his life to perpetuate the memory of his holy ancestors, especially the holy Masie LMelech. Among his other activities, in addition to heading the Masie LMelech Torah Research, Study, and Publishing Project, Rabbi Zussman personally oversees the maintenance and upkeep of the orthodox Jewish cemetery in Vietzen, the resting place of the holy Masie LMelech, which is known as a place where many people travel to and beseech the Almighty in the merit of this great holy Gaon and Tzadik, and beg the tzadik to intercede for them in heaven, thereby seeing many miraculous results. Rav Zussman Shlit”a initiated and was instrumental to the renovation of the cemetery walls, had the overgrown weeds cut and removed all trees that were damaging the graves. He also personally renovated the ohel [mausoleum] over the gravesite of the Masie LMelech.

Rav Zussman Shlit”a was also instrumental in renovating old Jewish cemetery in Vietzen, the resting place of the “Shevilie Dovid”, [Rabbi Dovid Yehuda Silberstein ztl, the father of the Masie LMelech] among the previous rabbonim of Vietzen. Spearheading the rebuilding of parts of the gates and rebuilding the guardhouse.

2 The Masei LMelech published his magnum opus, a two–volume masterpiece on Maimonides. Besides its sheer brilliance, people keep this Sefer in their homes as a segula (an auspicious source of blessings). New Sefer - Teshuvos Vechidushei Masei Lmelech - available now in better seforim/books stores, You can buy your sefer/book. If your store does not have it in stock, please ask him to order it from the distributer:
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