I was delighted to discover that the illustrious Rabbi Dovid Yehuda Zussman (Sofer) shlita from Jerusalem, the Holy City (may it soon be rebuilt), has undertaken the mission of assembling the commentaries and responsa of his famed forefather, Hagaon Rabbi Yeshaya Silberstein ztz"l, Av Beis Din of Veitzen, Hungary. Rabbi Yeshaya Silberstein ztz"l was world renowned for his great righteousness, holiness, and as someone who as an undisputed leader fought G-d's battles. This sefer (book) will nurture Torah scholars and Rabbis alike, enabling future generations to learn from, and emulate a life filled with sanctity. The publisher eagerly and wisely wants to publish the life story of this great tzaddik so as to give future generations an understanding of the greatness of tzaddikim of yesteryear. Fortunate are those who support Rabbi Zussman and give generously. May the merit of this great tzaddik be an advocate for the good of all those who support the publishing of this Torah, and may they be blessed with all the blessings of the Torah. Signed and stamped, Moshe Aryeh Freund