My relative, Rabbi Dovid Yehuda Zussman shlita, an incredible illustrious Rabbi who is enveloped with tremendous fear of heaven has taken upon himself the task of publishing the Torah of Rabbi Yeshaya Silberstein ztz"l. Rabbi Yeshaya was a prince who lit up the Diaspora with his clarity, who was accepted and famed for his wisdom and righteousness; he shepherded Hungarian Jewry for almost fifty years. He authored the work Masei L'Melech, a sefer (book) that clearly exhibits both his brilliance and extensive Torah knowledge. It is a unique combination of both depth and wide-ranging comprehension. Rabbi Dovid Yehuda Zussman shlita has carried out extensive research and has enough Torah to publish many volumes. However, printing this work is colossally expensive and I therefore beseech you to assist in this holy mitzvah, which is comparable to writing a Torah scroll. May the merit of your generosity stand you in great stead so that you benefit from all the blessings mentioned in the Torah and may you see much nachas from your children. Written and signed, Ephraim Fishel Hershkowitz