The good news lubricates brittle bones...Rabbi Dovid Yehuda Zussman (Sofer) shlita, has labored for ten years in compiling the teachings of the great Rabbi Yeshaya Silberstein ztz"l, Rabbi of Veitzen, Hungry, and this volume is only one of many. He has planted, toiled and watered and now the fruit of his labor is ready. There are a number of mitzvot involved in supporting this project. 1. Hashavas Aveida - returning lost property. Many of the manuscripts were lost or destroyed during the war; to compile the remainder and bring them to print is to return them to their rightful owner. 2. This is to present the Jewish people with a gift from one our greatest sages. 3. To lend support to the upholders of Torah, by hurrying the completion, because mitzvot are attributed to those who complete them. In the same way that it is foolish to testify the that the sun is shining on a sunny day, so too it is unnecessary for me to lend my approval - the author, of unparalleled greatness, who was one of the leaders of his generation, and his own Torah, testify themselves to his greatness worldwide. However, I request from my friends who are involved in Torah that since Rabbi Zussman has toiled and invested strength and effort for a long time and has accumulated expenses over ten years and now has to pay for printing and completing the task so that the lips of the tzaddik should talk in the grave, I ask from my brothers, the Jewish people, that they should help and take part in both past and future expenses. In addition they should buy a sefer, paying the given price and I will do likewise. May the merit of the tzaddik, the author, protect firstly those who work to bring out the sefer and then those who offer support, especially my students. Aspire, step forward and empathize and all those who increase their support should have increased blessing and life. Signing in the honor of Torah, subservient to the servants of G-d, Menashe Hakatan