"Good news lubricates bones". It is wonderful to hear the news that Rabbi Dovid Yehuda Zussman shlita, a dear friend, who is both wise and blessed with many attributes is carrying out this project. We were neighbors in The Holy City, Jerusalem, before his having moved abroad. He has had the merit of seeing his efforts bear fruit and magnificence sprout from his labor, by presenting the Torah world with a new vessel filled with the aged. This is the Torah of the aforementioned tremendous exceptionally holy giant, teacher of the Jewish people, Rabbi Yeshaya Silberstein ztz"l, whose throne was positioned among the leaders of his generation - a generation of scholars. Great men revered and trembled before him. Those who were considered by others as lions made themselves students thirsty to hear the halachos he taught. He was like a beacon, whose light shone to the farthest corners of the world and through his great Torah and holiness he was able to affect many salvations. In addition he was dean of a flag ship yeshiva who guided thousands of disciples, among them great and holy Jewish leaders, and was renowned as the author of the Masei L'Melech, a remarkable work on the Maimonides. The aforementioned giant left as a legacy many holy writings, in a variety of Torah fields, but unfortunately countless were lost during the horrific years of the holocaust. Those that remained were scattered and my good friend, Rabbi Dovid Yehuda shlita has devoted his time to assembling, clarifying and publishing these words of wisdom and holiness. For this purpose he has supports a team of eminent Torah scholars, with spiritually elevated minds from Jerusalem. They have expended much effort in learning, elucidating and arranging these Torah thoughts as well as preparing them for print. Moreover, Rabbi Yeshaya's life story, which has much to teach us, has been included in the publication too. I therefore turn to you, my generous Jewish brothers, asking you to stand by my friend and expend your every effort to help him so that he may continue his lofty work and light the eyes of the world with the light of the Torah of this holy giant. Rabbi Yeshaya's ztz"l merits will undoubtedly protect all those who assist and support this project by showering them with spiritual and material blessings from both heaven and earth. May G-d grant all their hearts desires in a beneficial way and I myself bless my friend with a priestly blessing that he should merit to continue his work with peace of mind, long life, good health among much nachas and all that is spiritually and physically good, until we merit to see his ancestor, the High priest in Jerusalem's temple in the near future. Levi Hakohen Rabinovitch