We owe a debt of gratitude to this great scholar, the descendant of holy ones, Rabbi Dovid Yehuda Zussman shlita, who possesses outstanding Torah and fear of heaven. He is about to present the Jewish people with an exceptional sefer (book) written by his ancestor the renowned gaon Rabbi Yeshaya Silberstein ztz"l, Av Beis Din of Veitzen, and author Masei L'Melech, on the Maimonides. This new sefer is a compilation of responsa based on the Orach Chaim section of the Shulchan Oruch and novellae on Shas. Masei L'Melech is being printed from the authors Torah. It is superfluous to explain and extol the greatness of the project undertaken by the author's descendant. The task of compiling, arranging the manuscripts, and organizing funding for the printing is enormous. At the same time it is a tremendous mitzvah to announce the imminent arrival of this great bequest, which for decades has been hidden in storage. It is only through the immense efforts of the descendant of the author that the Jewish people has the great privilege of accessing these Torah thoughts from a man who was the greatest of Gaonim, the tzaddik of his generation, and that which is renowned needs no proof. Thus, I have come to assist and support Rabbi Dovid Yehuda shlita who is about to print this sefer. I request that the generous children of Avraham [may G-d act pleasantly with them!] allow the funds flow freely for this magnificent Torah publication by a gaon among generations zy"a, whose piety is unimaginable. Those who support Rabbi Dovid Yehuda shlita, and help him complete this project shall be blessed with all the blessings mentioned in the Torah - from the first until the last. People shall notice these blessed ones and comment "this man is blessed". The merit of Rabbi Yeshaya Silberstein ztz"l, this great tzaddik and author, shall shield all those who toil and financially support this project so that his Torah can be published. We should merit seeing the works of this tzaddik, author of Masei L'Melech, be published in its entire splendor quickly in our days. (Signed on the 22nd Kislev - Yaartziet date of my great and holy grand-father, Rabbi Avraham Glezner ztz"l, Gavad of Klausenberg, Author of "Dor Dorshov", and yaartziet date of my ancestor Rabbi Akiva Katz-Klien, gavad of Eisenstat. [as the son-in-law of his descendant [fourth generation])