My dear friend, Rabbi Dovid Yehuda Zussman shlita is learned in Torah and a G-d fearing man. He is the descendant of the great tzaddik the Masei L'Melech. I would like note a number of fascinating points: 1. Rabbi Yissoscher Dov of Belz ztz"l personally testified that Rabbi Yeshaya Silberstein zt"l sacrificed his entire body on the altar of Torah. 2. Hagaon Rabbi Chaim of Brisk believed him to be one of the giants and tzaddikim of Hungarian Jewry. 3. He was totally detached from this world. Never once did he gaze outside of the four cubits of Torah. Lost in thought, he used to wander out of town and being so unfamiliar with his own hometown he needed help getting home. 4. He was totally convinced of the power of his holy prayers. Once the daughter of one of the community leaders passed away, Rabbi Yeshaya, as the Rabbi of the city was called to eulogize her. As he stood at her casket he bemoaning the fact that he did not know that the child was sick. He said:"this is insolence, why did no one come and tell me that she was sick? Had I known I would have prayed for her and she would have been saved." 5. So great was his love for Torah that he addressed all Torah students in third person whereas he addressed everybody else (even influential community leaders) in the second person. May the merit of his holy Torah protect us all, especially those who assist in the publication of his wondrous Torah writings. Writing with fear of the holiness Eliezer Dovid Freidman