Rabbi Dovid Yehuda Zussman (Sofer) shlita, the esteemed rabbi, who is crowned with Torah and fear of heaven, approached me, bringing with him his sefer (book). This sefer was authored by the gaon of the Jewish people, a famed giant among giants, and a rabbinical authority who was the greatest in a previous generation where all were learned. He lit up the eyes of the Jewish people with his Torah and holiness, and fought G-d's battles. As the wonder of his generation, he was the leader of the Jewish Diaspora and was known as Rabbi Yeshaya Silberstein ztz"l, Av Beis Din of Veitzen, famous for his sefer Masei L'Melech, on the Maimonides. His descendant, Rabbi Dovid Yehuda, developed the inspirational idea of publishing the hidden words of wisdom from the teachings of his ancestor ztz"l. This was done by compiling loose manuscripts and quotations, often found in other books and is the remainder of over fifty other works that were lost in the holocaust. With G-d's help he has had success in putting together a beautiful piece, the beauty of Torah in a likewise beautiful casing. The first volume of Masei L'Melech to be published was the responsa and novellae on the Orach Chaim section of the Sulchan Oruch. Rabbi Dovid Yehuda allows himself no respite in his efforts to publish additional volumes which includes Rabbi Yeshaya's life story so that later generations may know of his greatness. I ask of my brothers, the Jewish people, to come to Rabbi Dovid Yehuda's aid and share in this great mitzvah, by giving generously and willingly so that he can cover the huge expenses involved in such an undertaking thereby enabling him to continue his holy work in conferring merit upon the population. The merit of the holy author should protect all those who help and support in the printing of this Torah, and bless them with an array of blessings from the source of all blessings, amidst health, happiness, nachas and success in all their undertakings. Amen. The prayers of the one who is signing with all blessings, Yehuda Halevi Tirnauer Rabbi of Kehilas Shomrei Shabbos, Boro Park