Our Rabbis praised those who dedicate their lives to elucidating the life-work of a tzaddik. Thus, let us all support the prestigious Rabbi Dovid Yehuda Zussman shlita, who possesses exceptional fear of heaven, and is a continuing link in an illustrious dynasty. Rabbi Dovid Yehuda shlita was inspired to assemble all the remnants of Torah writings from his ancestor, the Torah giant, a G-dly man, the holy and honored one, Rabbi Yeshaya Silberstein ztz"l, Av Beis Din of Veitzen, Hungary, and author Masei L'Melech, on Maimonides. Rabbi Yeshaya ztz"l was famous in his generation for his unbelievably sharp mind, righteousness and holiness. Now his esteemed descendant has decided to gather all the scattered writings and compile them to create a masterpiece. There is no need to praise this act since this was the express desire of the gaon ztz"l himself. He writes in the introduction of his sefer (book) Masei L'Melech, part one: "My plans to spread my Torah thoughts and novellae to the world should be G-d's will; G-d should help me publish them?" This task involves colossal expenses (especially with today's inflated prices). In addition a team of outstanding Torah scholars with the most spiritually elevated minds in Jerusalem, whose lives are centered around Torah, have been engaged in studying the Torah writings of this tzaddik and preparing them for print. I therefore request from my esteemed brothers and from those who love Torah that they please contribute and donate to help the honorable publisher so that his pure plans come to fruition and the world is enlightened by the Torah of this great gaon and tzaddik. It is a tremendous mitzvah to take part in positively influencing the Jewish people. All those who contribute shall be showered with all the blessings mentioned in the Torah, as well abundant bracha and success. The merit of this tzaddik should stand by them and shield them from harm and we should merit witnessing the Jewish people's true joy and the return of our original splendor. Amen. Signing in honor of the Torah and its' scholars, The humble one Simcha Bunim, son of the great Rabbi Shmuel ztz"l, Av Beis Din of the Mattersdorf community