My words on behalf of Rabbi Dovid Yehuda Zussman (Sofer) shlita, who is an exceptional Torah scholar and has pure fear of heaven, should be pleasing. He is a descendant of great and holy ones and has taken upon himself the holy task of supporting a kollel of great professional Torah scholars whose trade is Torah and study while living frugally. This kollel now provides them with sustenance. The above mentioned Torah scholars also learn Torah from the great holy ones, Jewish leaders from previous generations. They arrange and prepare for the printing of their Torah and to lighten the world with these holy words so as to save them from being lost for eternity. The words of our sages which are printed in holy books that discuss the rewards for those who clarify the Torah of the righteous are well known. Now they have been privileged to see success in their work and have completed a volume from the Torah teaching of Rabbi Dovid Yehuda's ancestor, a giant of giants. The great holy gaon from Veitzen and author of the Masei L'Melech was famous. He was a prince of Torah who affected miraculous salvations, valiantly fought G- d's wars, and was the teacher of the Jewish people. Therefore, I request from all Jews, our bothers, who are so generous, to stand behind the Rabbi shlita to give generously, full heartedly and pleasantly, as befits the honor of Torah and those who carry its banner. This is to enable them to continue in their holy task of bring merits to the public, and supports these exceptional Torah scholars who are busy learning torah, while living frugally in Jerusalem the city of G-d. It is well known that our teachers desired having a portion of the Torah learnt in Eretz Yisrael and supported the Torah scholars who lived in the king's palace. The merit of this great mitzvah will protect and aid all those who assist so that they be blessed from the highest of heavens with all blessings from heaven and earth, along with great children, plentiful sustenance, lofty vision and a long and healthy life, until we are privileged to see our final redemption amidst nachas, with peace of mind speedily in our days. Amen. Writing and signing in honor of the Torah, The humbled one, Asher Anshel Katz