Rabbi Dovid Yehuda Zussman shlita, the esteemed rabbi, descendant of holy ones, has approached me bringing with him Torah manuscripts in halachah and in-depth study from his great grand-father, the holy rabbi and author of the Masei L'Melech ztz"l. Though I was asked to write about on the importance of these dissertations, I see no need, because in the same way that it is foolish to testify the brilliance of sun at noon on a sunny day, so too the Torah of this tzaddik talks for itself. Thus, I am writing to offer support and assistance to Rabbi Dovid Yehuda shlita who has invested a tremendous amount of time and money in assembling and compiling these manuscripts that were spread over numerous hand-written works. The years of toil have resulted in the precious legacy (of the aforementioned tzaddik) being made available to the public. It is therefore only right to assist Rabbi Dovid Yehuda so that he can achieve his goal of making these works well-known among our scholars. May the merit of the great and holy gaon stand supporters in good stead so that they are showered with all the blessings mentioned in the Torah, and now I come to sign, here in Montreal, The humble one, Moshe Menachem Tirnauer