Harav Dovid Yehuda Zussman (Sofer) shlita, descendant of tzaddikim has undertaken the awesome responsibility of publishing the writings of his ancestor, the greatest of our leaders and scholars in the Diaspora - the great tzaddik, minister of Torah, light in the Diaspora, one of the pillars of the world, glorified and holy is his name, the Gaon Rabbi Yeshaya Silberstein ztz"l - known as the Masei L'Melech. This work is an extensive commentary on the Kodshim section of Maimonides. Rabbi Yeshaya was one of the luminaries of the Jewish people, a leader of men, whose outstanding Torah learning, holiness and righteousness was well known. Needless to say, making his writings, life story, traditions and conduct accessible to all, is a mitzvah of unimaginable magnitude. The expenses of this project are tremendous. Therefore I ask from all who love Torah to offer substantial financial contributions so that Rabbi Zussman is able to complete this undertaking. Great is the person who is a partner in the Torah of this tzaddik. The merit of this great tzaddik should protect all those who help and support, so that they are blessed with all their hearts desires for the good. Thus, I hope my words will encourage all those who wish to assist in this enterprise by which they can acquire a share in the Torah of this great tzaddik. May this merit lead to much blessing, and joy in all their endeavors. Written and signed for the honor of Torah, Nosson Gestetner