BETH DIN TZEDEK (BADATZ) EIDAH HACHREIDITH, Jerusalem 6th Kislev 5762 / 21st Nov 2001 & 12th Iyar 5766 / 10 May 2006 Our Rabbis say that all those who publish the Torah writing of a tzaddik are considered as having fulfilled the Ten Commandments (Breishis Rabba, Parshas Chayie Sarah). Accordingly, we heartily acclaim Rabbi Dovid Yehuda Zussman (Sofer) shlita - the descendant of tzaddikim, on his undertaking to compile the Torah writings of the saintly, holy gaon, and miracle worker, Rabbi Yeshaya Silberstein ztz"l. In addition Rabbi Dovid Yehuda shlita has undertaken to publish Rabbi Yeshaya's life story, which as a pillar of the world, was also a battle against the reformers of traditional Judaism. We bless all those who give renewed voice to the Torah of the deceased tzaddik and worthy are you who assist in actualizing this project; spreading Rabbi Yeshaya's teachings will most certainly stand you in good stead. We encourage you to give generously, especially since Rabbi Dovid Yehuda shlita has already invested a lot of money and effort in compiling this sefer (book). May G-d bless all those who give openhandedly with sucess, abundance, and only that which is good. Signing in the honor of Torah, the Bedatz , here in Jerusalem, the Holy City, may it soon be rebuilt, Rabbi Yisrael Yaakov Fisher ztz"l(raabad) Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch Rabbi Binyamin Rabinowitz (ztz"l) Rabbi Meir Bransdorfer (ztz"l) Rabbi Moshe Halberstam (ztz"l) Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Ulmann Av Beth Din RABBI YITZCHOK TUVIA WEISS adds his own words to the Bedatz 9 Kislev 5771 It is with great joy that I add a few lines to the above words of the Bedatz. I have seen that yet another sefer from the giant of Israel, the author of Masei L'Melech on Maimonides has been printed. This is an anthology of Torah teachings that had previously been spread over many works. I am convinced that the merits of this gaon and tzaddik, the author, will stand behind the publisher who is compiling his Torah into one collection. The scholarly will most certainly be indebted to Rabbi Zussman for having provided the generation with Torah insights from the gaon of his time. My blessing goes to Rabbi Dovid Yehuda, the coordinator and to all those who fund this great project of increasing and beautifying Torah learning. Writing and signing for the honor of the holy Torah, Yitzchak Tuvia Weiss