I ask of all of the generous among us, who desire justice and are learned in Torah to assist and to be exceedingly generous with the descendant of tzaddikim Rabbi Dovid Yehuda Zussman shlita. This is in order that he may complete his mission and see the printing of the sacred texts of his ancestor, the greatest of his generation, the holiest of holy, - great is the name of the great Gaon and miracle worker, Rabbi Yeshaya Silberstein zt"l. Thus, blessed are those who adhere to the Torah, and lend their ears within the wall of the study halls to spread the words of Torah. In the book, Sefer Chassidim it says: "He who quotes the teachings of another, merits that the originator pray on his behalf and protect him from evil" Thus, the holy author of this manuscript will be our advocate and bless us with all that is truly good. Signing with blessings and the blessings of learning Torah, Yashiyahu Yosef Pinto