One of the many famous stories

When the men of his orthodox community in Veitzen (vac) went to the Masei LMelech zt"l for a blessing following the scary news that they were drafted into the army at the start of WWI, to serve in the front line in the war. The Masei L'Melech said, “I guarantee that no person of my kehilla (Orthodox Community) will be missing from the war zone.” After the completion of the war it was reported that the Masei L'Melech’s blessing had indeed come true as every single man from his community had quite miraculously returned to Veitzen (vac) safely from the war. (as published in the Torah Journal “Sharei Orah”, Mihalovitz 1930).

(Some more stories in Hebrew in Sefer / Book page, in middle of hakdmah of Rav Zussman Shlit"a (page numbered 39).

BS"D more translations to follow